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BTW, would it not be a dream to bring Lindsey into this Tusk conversation. I bet he would love it too. Answering all Tusk related questions with dedication. (I don't believe this) but there are many in the rock world that believe Tusk ruined FM. You hear the White Album and Rumours on classic rock stations every day. They never play Tusk or Sara and Mirage is too light pop, etc. I often wonder not about Tusk that changed the band but Rumours. What IF Rumours was as successful or a tad less successful than the White Album. What would Tusk have sounded like then? Would it have even been called Tusk? What if we got another "traditional" album like the first 2. Interesting to think about it.

Interesting perspective MacMan and one that supports how the bands setlists have remained unchanged for how many decades now. With the exception of I Don't Want to Know and Oh Daddy here and there the whole album gets played. Tusk has all but disappeared and Gypsy and Hold Me are the only Mirage tunes. As for the others, did Behind the Mask and Say You Will actually exist? So I think the band themselves have defined what is memorable and what is not- the shout outs to Tusk that Stevie or Mick gives are empty in my mind as they know a concert full of Tusk songs would see a lot of empty seats. As for what ruined the band's creativity, it was in my mind the gargantuan success of Rumours, they didn't know how to handle it all and it went to their heads, along with a lot of coke, they lost their way and the creativity that spawned Rumours went up in smoke.
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