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No matter how positive the reviews seem to sound, I can sense the lack of energy in all of them. In clips, I feel the band is filmed in slow motion.
I'm actually glad that I won't see the band when they come to germany. I really don't want to travel 800 km and give them my money when the highlight of the evening is a cover of the song "Free Falling". That's unworthy of FM, and not worth my time and my hard earned money. Plus - it is such a Blah!!! song.
In 2003, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of Stevie and Lindsey coming onstage hand in hand, in 2009 the band was so very entertaining, in 2013, Stevie blew me away with "GDW" and Lindsey made "Big Love" unforgettable. In 2015, I LOVED Christine being there, hadn't seen her since 1990, she blew a kiss and gave me thumps up for my "welcome back, we missed you, we love you" sign, my poor heart. Stevie angered me, she was upset about something and did not even try to be professional. With the current incarnation, they efficiently killed whatever exitement I had left in me. This tour is a shame and a poor copy of a once great band. I used to love Chistine, but her function in the band was being the bridge between Stevies excentrics and Lindseys mania. Without that function, she falls flat. And Stevie needs an antagonist to shine - who's that now? Neil Finn? HA! They are pathetic now.

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