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I'm not surprised tickets for many shows aren't selling as briskly as perhaps expected. A good portion of these shows are a year away, so the general public is in no rush to buy at the moment. You also have a lot of fans on the fence with this one. As shows get closer and excitement builds (and prices drop a bit), they'll step up, even if it's just out of curiosity. Remember, too, that the band is not touring on a hit record or even any new music. They have to really sell the nostalgia element minus one of the key members who helped build that legacy. It's hard for them to really push the "fresh new band" angle without any music to prove that it's actually a fresh new band with a great sound.

All that said, I think the tour will sell just fine. The Boston, Connecticut, and NYC shows are nearly sold out. Overall, it might not be a blockbuster, but the band ain't gonna go home with just pennies in their pockets. A tarnished reputation, on the other hand? Well, we'll have to wait and see how the shows are......
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