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Originally Posted by HomerMcvie View Post
May I be honest? I have been here for going on 9 years(with a couple of years missing in action), and of course I love this place. That said, I belong to several boards, and I've never had to pay to belong to another, so that was kind of a foreign concept to me. I guess I'd never really thought about how much it cost to keep one running(I probably would have assumed 10% of what it actually is).

So when I found out that it was in danger of closing, of course I was willing to become a supporting member....I had actually been considering doing far more than that.

BUT, when posts like the above, attempt to SHAME those of us who haven't been supporting members before, into joining, regardless of any questions we may have, well, SHAME on you, for being so aggressive, and condescending. Posts like the above may actually stop people from obtaining supporting status.
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