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Originally Posted by sodascouts View Post
I was going to start a review thread on this but silly work got in the way, lol.

Yes, it was a very intense moment.

The song was preceded by Lindsey talking about how special Birmingham was because it was one of only a couple places where Buckingham Nicks was appreciated back in 1974. He talked about how there were people in the audience who had seen Stevie and him performing so many years ago, and that he appreciated that they were still with him. He said in some ways, things had come full circle... and this was a new beginning.

He smiled a bit sadly and said, "So maybe I'll dedicate this next one to Stevie."

I heard a few people do some chortling and "yeahs" and the like. They obviously were unfamiliar with the setlist and were expecting a snarky song, or an angry song.... something like "Wrong," or "Never Going Back Again."

But it was "Shut Us Down."

And on that first line... "You and I, we sure can dream..." for just a moment... he got a little choked up.

Everyone fell silent as he ripped his heart open for the song. He got himself under control for the remainder of it, but oh my gosh. As someone who was into BN (obviously) and has mourned the loss of that as much as the loss of Fleetwood Mac, I was getting choked up, too.

After the song, as the notes died, it seemed the air was vibrating with the emotional power of it. You couldn't help but feel it - his vulnerability, his passion, his frustration, his confusion, his grief, his regret, his longing, his defiance... everything. He got a standing ovation. It was the first of the night, but not the last.

I'll never hear that song the same way again.
Wow, thanks for sharing this. What a special moment.
Lindsey is amazing to be the bigger person in this. Not an easy task of anyone considering.

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