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I cant stop watching these concerts. I cant believe the energy all the band members had. Billy and Rick running all over the place, Christine bouncing and dancing behind keyboards, and Stevie danced like I have never seen her dance on any tour. Even John runs around the stage. In 1990 they were considered "old." They have a packed house for the Gainesville show because they keep acknowledging the crowd in the back of the stage.
Tear it up was a great encore. Stevie does a full "edge walk" after Go Your Own Way in Gainesville and has a huge haul and shook all the hands along the way.
This was the end of an era for sure. Stevie never did that again at any Mac show.
Brings back great memories. I remember in Pittsburgh during Don't Stop Stevie and John were playing with eachother and chasing each other all over the stage. Stevie was not even singing because she was laughing and running from John.
I love the way Stevie turns to her background singers during Stand Back and repeatedly turns the microphone during the whole show. I also believe this was the last Mac tour where Stevie wore her trademark high platform boots. She wore boots for the Dance but they were scaled down.

Still I believe.....BACKSTABBING AND BETRAYAL will show us how

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