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Originally Posted by nicepace View Post
I watched her play and sing "Songbird" in 2015; that's only three years ago, but can she even do that much anymore? I heard her play and sing "Game of Pretend" last year, and I believed it was all live, but maybe not.
i don't know how much she played live on BuckVie, but she definitely sang. fast songs like You Make Loving Fun or Red Sun were rough / off pitch on verses. but ballads like Wish You Were Here and Game of Pretend were heavenly. she still has a voice, and on some songs it's definitely worth hearing.

but on other songs she is so off pitch that they don't let her sing on live tv - i'm guessing because it can be hit or miss. BuckVie mostly did only Lindsey songs on live tv. there was one of the Chris songs (was it Feel About You? can't remember) that was available on the youtube channel of the show they did, and hearing how off pitch she was made it very clear why they chose to air Lindsey-lead song instead.

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