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Yep, they could have done the last album as the last FM album--- with Chris back really SN would have had her 3 songs, even maybe 4, not had to be full time in the studio with Lindsey, and they would have done the tour and then she could have fully washed her hands of them if that's her desire.

But maybe it's better karma this way--- she has to go out there now and fulfill the tour and play to less than full houses and lots and lots of help from the sound guys to not totally embarrass herself each night. (I shudder thinking of the tours in the what, late 90s or so where they did that awful, almost doubling electronic effect on her voice... on both the solo and FM tours.....horrid).

But then again, she just might love the fact that it gives her more sh&t to b&tch about Lindsey about.... "If Lindsey hadn't messed up the tour" "If Lindsey had been reasonable that awful tour wouldn't have happened". Of course for now she'll be her good PR self and say how wonderful/fabulous/fantastic/best shows we've ever done/so exciting with new people / blah blah crap. Until it's done. Then you'll hear how much she hated it. ESPECIALLY if it doesn't sell as well. Then she'll really "hate" it. Her decision of liking/not liking something comes after the fact when she sees how well it sells or not.
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