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Originally Posted by Wouter Vuijk View Post
The Den Haag version, played a few hours earlier, was better IMO
Well this is a discovery for me. I'm not sure if the Den Haag version of "One Sided Love" is better, but Freddie King's "San Ho Zay"!?!? That's a pure blues rhythm lockdown, Fleetwood and McVie are Al Jackson Jr., and Donald Duck Dunn! I wish Peter's guitar was as loud as Danny's, because I could tell he was ripping a monster solo. Are there better sounding boots of this song available?

Then there's "Blue Suede Shoes". If this version was performed in the states, the entire band would've been deported within 24 hours. Rap artists were arrested over much less twenty years ago. Jeremy Spencer, you were a true trailblazer!
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