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Kiss and tell books are a hazard of being in the public eye.
I personally don't like them because they are usually just bitter gripes from someone who is mad/sad about the end of a relationship but they do have an audience.

The best we can hope for from this book is that since it comes many years after the event there may be an element of mature reflection in it. Also that if Carol (or her ghost writer ) is a decent writer she might be able to evoke the era in an entertaining way.

However, I've read on other boards that her appearances on tv suggest a rather sad, pathetic woman still living in the past who claims she still loves LB and who can't get her story about his alleged violence straight.
So the signs are not good but we'll see.

Generally - considering the musical and human content of the FM story, I'm suprised there aren't any really good books about them by decent music biographers.

As for books from band members, the only two I would trust to tell the tale reasonably accurately are Lindsey himself and Christine. I think we'd get a pretty good account if the two decided to pool their respective memories. But ofcourse that is never going to happen.
And Kelly I agree with you, despite his other issues, I've always thought LB and Christine were the classiest members of the band.
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