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Default Law and Order Survivor Rounds 7-9

Results for Round 6

Satisfied Mind – 14
Johnny Stew – 6
Bwana – 3

With 14 votes, “Satisfied Mind” is the seventh song eliminated from Law and Order survivor. “Satisfied Mind,” please leave the tribal council area immediately. The rest of you may return to the camp.

Breakdown of Votes (to ensure greater accuracy):
Satisfied Mind – faceofglass
Satisfied Mind – trackaghost
Satisfied Mind – Homer McVie
Satisfied Mind – DeadliestPoison
Satisfied Mind – Johnny Stew
Satisfied Mind – Mari
Satisfied Mind – mondaymornin1
Satisfied Mind – shackin’ up
Satisfied Mind – rezamatic
Satisfied Mind – Dreammms
Satisfied Mind – WelshWitchPMD
Satisfied Mind – Sugar
Satisfind Mind – Nico
Satisfied Mind – takenbythesky
Johnny Stew – dissention
Johnny Stew – sodascouts
Johnny Stew – Patti
Johnny Stew – AliP
Johnny Stew – Hawkeye
Johnny Stew – Dark Angel
Bwana – Creeping Death
Bwana – ontheEdgeof17
Bwana – golden braid


The songs in play:
Mary Lee Jones
Shadow of the West
Johnny Stew

Voted off:
Satisfied Mind 6/27/05
I’ll Tell You Now 6/26/05
It Was I 6/25/05
That’s How We Do It in LA 6/24/05
Love from Here, Love from There 6/22/05
September Song 6/21/05

Immunity Question:
According to interviews he gave, why did Lindsey name his album Law and Order? It’s OK to paraphrase.
- Nancy

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