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Originally Posted by aleuzzi View Post
Do I wish she had returned from England and said "Hell no." Absolutely. But, in reality, what would that have accomplished? She wanted to tour. Had she said "Not without Lindsey" the likelihood is that the whole engine would have crapped out. The decision between Stevie and Lindsey was Mick's to make and he made it for all-too obvious reasons. Yes, Christine went along with it out of fear and greed, but really, what would her resistance have accomplished? She is not networked with management the same way Stevie is, and she's still rambling on about how happy she was to return after 16 years. She simply doesn't have that "guiding hand" Stevie once said she had. That to me is sad. But I don't hate her and I don't think she's a wuss. I think she simply hitched her wagon to a trainwreck.
it would have accomplished a few things:
  1. band would have needed to rethink Lindsey's firing.
  2. band would have to go back to managers and say - Christine is out if Lindsey is out (John should have done the same and say he's out) , and managers would have to reassess the strategy when 2 out of 3 singer-songwriters are out.
  3. they may have ended up disbanding. which would be better than what they did now. Christine could have toured with Lindsey just like they planned to do in between FM dates. so the reasoning that she wouldn't be able to play music is bogus.

or they may have ended up having to do some group therapy to get everyone on the same page.

Stevie may have bluffed, or maybe she was really ready to leave the band:
  • if she bluffed she would come back.
  • if she didn't, they could have toured as 4, wouldn't have had to hire anyone new, and could have added some fresh BuckVie music. we could have had another BuckVie album almost done by now. they would have been selling out sheds instead of arenas.

possibilities are endless, if Christine (and John) had some spine. friendship to Mick? what about Mick's friendship to Christine and John? it's a 2-way street.

Christine presented it in Mojo interview as the only possibility presented to her after they told her that they fired Lindsey was either disband or she needs to come back. she cannot be that stupid to really believe that. but maybe she is.

"kind of weird: a tribute to the dearly departed from a band that can treat its living like trash"
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