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Originally Posted by jcalzaretta View Post
I have no idea what happened. So many people are so sure this was all Stevie. Remember - he left in 87 right before the tour was to begin. There are also reports of how violent he had been to her on occasion. There are reports of some things he did to embarrass her on stage. None of us have any idea what really happens behind the scenes in this band especially between Stevie and Lindsey. I think people need to cool down on Stevie. We are all heartbroken this might be how it ends. But we don't know how this all went down. We don't know what happens in those rooms when they are together. We don't know how they treat each other and what really is said.
And remember she was violent with him too. She said she flew off of the couch and wanted to kill him when he said he wanted to leave in '87. She also stole his spotlight onstage several times which is why he kicked her. I DO NOT condone his behavior but there are 2 sides to every story. She herself said she knows how to push his buttons.
I agree that we don't know what really happened between SnL behind the scenes. But if you compare the CBS interview that the band did and what Lindsey said last Friday, it's crystal clear to me that she had a hand in his being fired. I think when someone said:"F*ck Stevie Nicks" and she had nothing to do with it he would have stood up for her.


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