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Originally Posted by jwd View Post
Okay. I can't make my point any clearer. If you can't, or won't see it, then so be it. Sometimes it IS that black and white.
Yes, letís ask a 75 year old to choose between a close friend of 50 years and her former husband/now considers a brother over someone who isnít necessarily a close friend, but a creative partner/bandmate/co-worker to pick a loyalty over a decision she didnít agree with. As far as Chris is concerned, Lindsey is/was a bandmate whom she held in the highest regard, Mick and John are family. Big difference.

Christine was there for the history of Fleetwood Mac that actually mattered (1968-1998). She was there with Peter Green (as a session player), joined the band shortly after Greenís departure, and stayed with them for the better part of 27 years, suffering through the revolving door of personnel only to become the bandís chief hit writer. Fleetwood Mac has really been her life, and I think itís unreasonable to hold her to some unreasonable, unrealistic standard based on something we donít have enough information to accurately judge.

I doubt even Lindsey would expect her to pick sides on this, hence his factions comments. He gets it. Too bad some of his fans donít. They have all made it clear that she had nothing to do with the decision. To expect that she would leave is ludicrous, and to think she could have stopped something that had already happened isnít too far behind.
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