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I'm pretty much listening only to this channel since May 1st. It's great that they are playing ALL incarnations of Fleetwood Mac, and not only focusing on 1975 and onward.

I tend to change the channel when they play the "influences" -- Jackson Browne, Eagles, Joni Mitchell, etc. And I must say, I don't quite get the Peter Gabriel connection, so not sure why he's occasionally being played.

Glad they have played a number of Stevie solo songs, but a bit dismayed they're only playing (so far) very few of Christine's ("When You Say", "Got A Hold On Me" and "Friend"). Haven't heard any solo stuff by Bob Welch nor Lindsey.

Can't understand why nothing's been played from Lindsey Buckingham / Christine McVie. Another opportunity being missed is not playing "I Pretend", the duet between Sandy Stewart (writer of "Seven Wonders") and Stevie, from Sandy's Cat Dancer album.

I'm happy to have this channel, and would love for it to become permanent, though it seems in just the first four days they're replaying the same stuff over & over.

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