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Originally Posted by button-lip View Post
\ And to be honest, they're all pushing 70, and I don't see them acting in a cranky way.

About Lindsey.... so, this means they're not gonna be lying on each others' beds when the other one dies? Awwww! Stevie lied to me!
Some are actually OVER 70

Her quote was actually that when one of them dies the other will be sitting on a bed alone.

Which given everyone's age....... I hate to say this, but will we still have all 5 of them in 10 years' time?? The youngest among them will be turning 80 then, and others in their mid 80s

And god help us if he goes think she talks and talks about him NOW...... She will be the grieving widow....

Originally Posted by WatchChain View Post
I've supported this band emotionally and financially for the better part of 40 years. But if Stevie (The High Priestess) and Lindsey (The Tortured Genius)
Me too!
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