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Originally Posted by SisterNightroad View Post
I've just seen it yesterday, I enjoyed it more than I initially thought but it was the longest movie I'd seen in a lot of time, I entered the theatre at 20:40 and I left at almost midnight.

Initially I didn't have high expectations because a sequel of a cult movie of 35 years ago is risky, but I ended up liking it. I liked Ryan Gosling performance, but I would have liked a little more Harrison Ford.
I liked the women - Joy, Luv, Robin Wright. What was most appealing was the visuals. It made me feel like I was there. The movie fealt like a poem that took its time telling a story. I just felt it was a masterpiece. It really let people escape into another world. The way they executed the hologram Joy was so perfect.

However, devastation is my middle name. I should of known that it wouldn't make enough to merit a third installment. The first one didn't make money, except on video. It was only after future generations hailed it as a masterpiece and 35 years later that they made this one.

Please let this movie get nominated for a bunch of awards, so it makes more money. Keep the politically correct Nazis at bay so they don't hurt its chances. They've already started criticizing it for stupid reasons.
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