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Originally Posted by lazy poker View Post
wow, i must've missed out on this completely - where and when was she talking about this (sources)? that would really be something! (although - if i were them, i'd rather consider snowy white on guitar . . .)
She's been talking about it for 30 years now!

“The next thing is to make a Fleetwood Mac album and after that I’m thinking of doing a bluesy album for myself,” says McVie. “It wouldn’t be straight 12-bar blues, but I’d like to use Rick because he’s such a great guitar player.”
SandG: Do you ever feel the calling for doing more blues?

Christine: Yes I do, not all of the time, but no matter how burried it may sound there is a lot of blues influence in my most unbluesy songs. I have thought about doing another blues album... Not just 12-bar blues, that would put people to sleep these days. That is where I came from though. The days when I was back and forth in a transit van, hauling my own equipment into the pubs to play.
McVie’s plans aren’t quite so for along, but she knows what she’d like to do next. "If I do another solo album. it’ll be a blues record. Not necessarily my own songs, either, I would like to dig deep into the really unknown blues records and get some great blues musicians on it. I’d probably have John and Mick on it as well, since they come from that English blues era it’s something l would love to do if I have the time and if don't die first. Vert pretty healthy, so I should be fine.”
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