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Originally Posted by jmn3 View Post
Well, the line was that he has "taken leave" of the band. But I also found that a bit curious. It could just be Lindsey-speak and not mean much but his whole little talk there made it sound like he hadn't shut the door for good on working with the band again.
..working with the band again? Really cannot see this happen.The age factor of the five is the most obvious reason - and the fact that this tour will most likely go to Europe and beyond next year, then a long break, Stevie solo tour perhaps etc. etc....not to mention the question: how can the 5 work/record/play together AFTER WHAT HAS HAPPENED? This is totally different to 1987 or when Chris retired after The Dance tour.
For me, the most revealing image was the body language and demeanour of John and Chris on the CBS spoke volumes.
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