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Originally Posted by bombaysaffires View Post
I don't study the band's entourage either, but maybe because I come from the era of actual vinyl albums that had lots of interesting liner notes, etc. which I did read because that was part of the "thing" of listening to an album-- reading the liner notes as you listened etc....... So I recognize names just from that. And I haven't sat and read liner notes for a number of years now. I did have to Google her name when people brought it up because I had no recollection of her role, but the name totally rang a bell.

Guess that makes me a conspiracy theorist.

It's fascinating that people don't understand that rich and famous stars do not, no matter how much PR they put out to the contrary, live their lives like you and I do. They *absolutely* have entourages, posses, handlers, gatekeepers, whatever you want to call it. And they *do* have people on their teams who feel it is their duty to look out for their boss, whatever that takes, including keeping tabs on other band members. People on here have heard directly from various people who work for the band that this goes on.

Do fans need to care about this? Not if they don't want to. But if some people find it interesting, and factor this real info into their understandings of what is going on, it doesn't make them "conspiracy theorists".
Like you, I definitely read the liner notes and thank yous, that was always fun for me.

I understand wealthy celebrities have an entourage, I wasn't disagreeing with that. Apparently, the woman in question works with Cameron Crowe on a tv show that actually featured Lindsey on an episode. So why wouldn't it be just as likely she was there for that reason as she was to spy for Stevie? Sure, it's possible Stevie knew about this event (which actually I doubt, because, as others have said, she's very sheltered by her people), and she asked this woman, who apparently has two jobs- one, working on a show with Cameron Crowe and two, is part of Stevie's entourage- to go to the fundraiser and collect intel on Lindsey and his performance. However, it's just as likely she went because she either supports the candidate and she works with Cameron Crowe. I don't care either way, I just think it's funny people are saying she was a spy, that's all. As someone else already said, if she was a spy, all she can tell Stevie is that Lindsey gave a fine performance and made a minute long speech about no longer being a part of FM.

Personally, I prefer the idea that Stevie was secretly there, posing as an activist or one of the staff, wearing glasses and a wig, maybe even trying to sabotage Lindsey's amp. Or maybe passing out fliers for the upcoming FM tour.
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