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Originally Posted by sodascouts View Post
So we'll finally get to hear what the official story on this is.

I imagine they are addressing it in an attempt to mollify any fans who are thinking Lindsey's been given the shaft. While not everyone is as outraged as the Lindsey fans who post on these boards, there are plenty of casual fans whose reaction was negative, and who can sympathize with a guy they think got a raw deal. Thus, I doubt Lindsey will be trashed or "thrown under the bus" in that sense - they don't want to make Lindsey's fans hate them even more. They want to be the nice guys. They already wished him "all the best" in the first announcement, after all.

I think Stevie especially will speak highly of Lindsey to dispel rumors that she wanted him out because she hates him. She may even bring up their history.

Most importantly, I think they will try to soften the idea that they fired him and present it as a mutual decision, one that will benefit all parties involved - including Lindsey, who will now be able to happily pursue his artistic vision.

When it comes to the juicy stuff... what caused the disagreement... I don't think we'll get a lot of details on that. Something along the lines of "disagreement about the tour scheduling, so we had to replace him with people who were available to tour" or something like that. I can't imagine they're going to go into depth on that. What would really shock me is if we get something out of left field that's nothing like what's been going around. Now that would be something!

If Lindsey has agreed to keep quiet, he won't contradict anything.

We'll see. I could be totally off base!
Well, they just let Mick do all the talking about the dirty deed, which was indeed a firing though Mick says he won't use that word coz it's a "dirty word". Yes, Mick, because it's a dirty deed.

Stevie said nothing. She was happy to leave it to Mick and Chris didn't breathe a word but just looked down.
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