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The characteristic Stevie fashion sense that has a lasting influential impact is rooted in the past, when she was much younger. She embodied a hip, hippie chic look that was in style in that era, and she with varied clothes and colors.

The latter day Stevie routinely wears just black "uniform" dresses that either look a little bit matronly, slightly sadomasochistic, or just a little off. There is nothing current or influential about her attire. The Fashion Police would arrest her. I bet her casual, off-stage/at home attire is far more cooler and fashionable.

I have little interest fashion, but I do go with the subtle flow of style changes through time. I retired my moccasins and flared jeans from the 1970s, my Members Only jacket from the 1980s and my grunge duds from the 1990s.
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