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I think new mac members at this point would not only be completely pointless, but also completely improbable. They make most of their money because they're a nostalgia act, let's be honest, and I think they know that. I am excited about and I love that they are putting out new music, but no matter who the members in the band are, it's going to stay at a certain level of success and won't exceed that unless there's some weird fluke or something. And they'd have even LESS success if it were with anyone but these 4 (although they'd have more if Christine were there, of course, but that won't happen), so I just think it's kind of pointless. Taylor Swift is not going to join Fleetwood Mac.

I hope they can get more music out soon, though, because I really liked what the EP had to offer and I'd like to hear what else they can bring to the table.

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