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Originally Posted by TrueFaith77 View Post
Treading Softly by Jeremy Spencer now out on ITunes

Just started listening. Appears to be the second instrumental album in a row. That disappoints me a little bit but it is amazingly beautiful so far ... as one can imagine. I had a hankering for Jeremy and he provides in gorgeous form here

This is his fifth solo album in 10 years and he had a sixth live/sessions album too!

I love his voice and lyrics and am hopeful for more vocal recordings in the future
His playing is gorgeous but I tend to not listen to instrumental albums, pretty much by anyone, they don't really motivate me in the long drives in the car.

Shall give it a listen though.

EDIT: Actually just realised having checked my iTunes, that I never actually even gave Homebrewed Blues a listen, not once, so shall have to check that out too, just a couple of years late.

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