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Originally Posted by lazy poker View Post
seems we're kindred spirits concerning this, ms moose.
though, being a big danny kirwan fan, my interest in the mac goes a wee bit further - really only a WEE BIT . . . as long as danny's signature guitar playin' is featured.
but this discovery came as quite a surprise to me. i NEVER bothered to listen to "tusk", and imho the song as such isn't that phenomenal. but for my money peter's guitar contributions on this alternate mix simply upgrade it to another level. and i sure do hope that there's still more of unreleased exciting material featuring greeny slumbering in the vaults and awaiting the light of day . . .
Yes, Peters playing certainly makes an otherwise dull song come alive (Sorry, I don't want to offend any Post Peter Mac fans ).....
There must be more material out there, only waiting to be found. Old film from concerts would be really really great.

Ms Moose
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