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Originally Posted by chiliD View Post
Oh, GOD!

I'm shaking as I type, so please excuse typos.

This one hurts...big time.
Originally Posted by aleuzzi View Post
Ive been dreading the inevitability of this news for some time. I knew one day Id encounter this on the ledge and be truly sad. For decades, Danny Kirwan has been one of my favorite guitar players of any genre. I am just so sad.
. . . true, true, true!

i've been living in fear of this moment for years on end . . . and now it finally happened. being a guitarist meself i owe so much to danny's influence: his exquisite playing, singing and - even more important - his remarkable feeling. he was, is and will always be one of my all-time fave blues guitarists of that era. ever since i learned about it, his sad story shook me real bad. what a great pity he never really recovered. heartbreaking news, indeed.

may you rest in peace, my dear soulmate!
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