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Originally Posted by secret love View Post
Homer McVie, you really take a dim view of Stephanie Lynn Nicks.

It is quite sad and pathetic, to be honest.

Stevie is forced to talk about Lindsey during every single tour press interview for the "An Evening with Fleetwood Mac" Tour.

If you watched any of those interviews with her - and I am guessing you don't - she is more than complimentary to him. She is appreciative of their shared legacy and the help he gave to her but she says (in her own words) that the situation had become intractable and couldn't be worked out other than by him or herself leaving.
I don't think most 'normal' people would have felt that way. However, assuming it was that bad for her then the right, noble and honorable thing to do would have been for her to leave. That she said 'he has to leave' is sh!t.

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