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Originally Posted by bombaysaffires View Post
Great example from the man himself:

he's exceedingly diplomatic about the music she brings in...."all 3 sections of the songs just doing that for 4 mins.. you need something else"
This is one of my songs I'm most proud of... unfortunately it is not possible in this forum to upload the piano demo, so here's the finished product:

There is a lot of production skill going into that and a measure of co-writing from the producer ... I've always done best working with other people who have more of an idea than me ...

I think it was a great musical partnership between Stevie and Lindsey. I had that with someone, too, now sadly we don't speak. I think I'm drawing parallels that aren't really there but I'm attempting to convey how much pzazz Lindsey added to Stevie's work and in turn how much she added to his projects with her vocal harmonies. It's a two way symbiosis.

Does anyone know if the guitar for Landslide drew from Stephanie (the song)?
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