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Originally Posted by okiedoikie View Post
This is common behavior for a whiny crybaby that's incompetent that doesn't get his way so he choses to ignore words like 'not defamatory' (look it up son, it's not derogatory) as well as the writing on the wall, but the fact you can't see it when the writing IS on the wall would suggest other things.

It's also interesting to read/listen the little bit that people do self project. I'll bet a benjamin you're a pathological liar and gossip quite a bit and usually have no warrant or basis for your bs and will act like you know what you are talking about because you've delusioned yourself thinking you are smarter than everyone, when most know the opposite is true; you spend your time misinforming folks rather than learning stuff. why spend your time being a yuk and needy whiny as well as incompetent (observational) Who said anything about a chapter? Do you usually make things up as you go? want to bet that benjamin? Stop cryin' it's time to pull that fat head of yours out can cry all you want it won't change anything, take care and you can read it in the book *also do you have enablers around you*?
just like other response re: silver springs, meds, my undergrad is in psych(and prelaw) but I know silver springs most likely suffers from bipolar 1, and possibly others pdos. Either way, this information bothers you all because there's truth to it, and you know if it's vague, it's bad. Sometimes you have to accept and understand that yes, the fit will certainly hit the shan.

oh and mikee, keep your envy in check, nay saying will get you nowhere, but you already know that. My word counts It'll be a #1 and you won't be able to miss it yay!

Lindsey and his enablers whom are quite threatened...shoud be. intersting how so quick to enable and disregard stuff and not even allow it, like shining a flashlight at the amish! AWE! muahahaha!

put that in your ilovelindseyeventhoughhe'sa****hole pipe and smoke it! I guess you know it's already true, look how threatened and mean you chose to be, you already made him guilty and I've not even said what he did!

here listen to some cool music

I will end this with a mieu mieu and seriously, can you folks get a little enlightened, I can tell most are drags anywhere you go. Why be a drain or parasitic on lovely people? Bottom line you have the ability to think but you'd rather not and pretend you are getting bashed, when that is not reality, THROW THE STONES; fortunately this alpha will eat you, which is good, I'm hungry shame on you for being petty

I'm not your son. And for all your pontificating you're missing one thing that a psych grad should have... compassion for people. You can't act like a human being (or an adult) so you're going to be treated accordingly. Goodbye.
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