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Default Unpopular Christine McVie Opinions

DownOnRodeo suggested this as an idea in the "Unpopular Stevie Nicks Opinions" thread and I figured it'd be fun to do the same with Christine!

I'll start.

1. I love her vocals on The Dance more than any other era (Rumours, Tango, etc). Despite her "kill me now" expression, the full, deep voice absolutely floors me. Best vocal performances of Oh Daddy, Everywhere, You Making Loving Fun, etc. That voice is like honey to my ears.

2. I don't get the deal with Think About Me. I REALLY want to like the song but I just can't get into it. I like the lyrics and message fine but I hate the way her and Lindsey harmonize on the chorus. It hits my ear as whiny and I kinda get why it didn't do as well on the charts as they may have hoped.

3. She sounds seamless and great when her vocals are blended with Lindsey on most songs but I like it much more when she harmonizes with Stevie. Straight Back, that second verse on live Rhiannon, live Isn't it Midnight, the Oh Daddy and YMLF outtakes, Heart of Stone, Skies the Limit all showcase this very well. There's a huge contrast between their voices and it's great.

4. Heart of Stone is one of my favorite songs of hers.

5. Honey Hi and Never Forget are lyrical wastelands but the music is amazing and I love them.

6. I think that most of her 1984 album is pretty lame. This is with the exception of One in a Million, which is a fine song, and The Smile I Live For, which is up there as one of her master songs. But all the Todd Sharpe songs... ughhhhhhh they're bland man. Strangely I actually like the songs on his solo album with her backing vocals (We Were Lonely, I Dont Wanna Leave You) in a "so-bad-they're'good" sort of way.

7. In The Meantime, as a whole, is one of the best solo albums related to Fleetwood Mac. The songs are simple and not so notable on an individual basis, but the overall feel of the album and song sequence tells such a relatable story and gives more insight into what Christine's personality and what she is really like than any of her other work. You can tell she poured herself into that album and cashed her check on the 1984 album.

8. All of the daddy songs are amazing, especially when played in sequence with the jarring shift in tones . On the other hand, the more popular "Over" songs don't do much for me, though I have been listening to Only Over You a lot more lately.

9. I would want to meet her before any other band member any day.

10. She sounds TERRIBLE for the Mirage tour video. Lindsey and Stevie don't technically sound good either, but they have a certain energy that I like despite their vocal issues. Chris though... I don't know if she was drunk or what but there's a reason most of her songs got axed from the HBO special. The exception to this is her taking Stevie's place on backing vocals for I'm So Afraid. She sounds bad here too much it adds something new to the song and heightens the strain in the angsty lyrics. Her organ playing is also on point.
"I am just one small part of forever" -Think About It (The song that got me into Stevie Nicks)

"The face of a pretty girl x1,000,000" -Isn't It Midnight (The song that got me into Christine McVie)

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"I can still hear you saying you would never break the chain" -The Chain (The song that got me into Fleetwood Mac)
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