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Glenn Aveni sent this email to all backers:

Posted by Glenn Aveni (Creator)

It's been two months since the Kickstarter ended just before the holidays I can't tell if it feels like yesterday, or 5 years ago - so much is happening everywhere.

I've been truly busy - on a few fronts. I have searched for and located more archival footage, and now have all that I could possibly want in terms of crowd shots, and what they call BRoll. I have begun negotiating for additional rights for music, and am also cleaning up (that is, using technology to improve) the rough cut of the film so far, and I've put the word out to shoot interviews with additional artists. In the next update after this, I'll have some specifics on all of the above.

As an informational note - approvals from the headline artists (Police, Petty, Fleetwood Mac etc.) have more importance than others, not only because of their popularity or the fact that they are headliners, but because those deals set the terms that we can use to offer all artists. This is standard for how music projects get priced. So artists that are equal are all treated equal. It's sometimes called a "most favored nation" clause. It's like the foundation of a building - once it is set, the building goes up quickly. So that's a major thing I hope to have resolved very soon.

We’re on track for the delivery dates promised this summer.

This update is public but the next one will be private (to you, the backers only), as I will be reaching out to you in the next update in case you have photos and stories you'd like to see in the booklet. As in all things, backers take priority. I have received many inquiries about the booklet on KS and on Facebook - hang tight, don't send anything yet, the call-out is coming soon.

Meantime, the images below give you a sense of my long days reaching out, and negotiating, it's phone and email all freakin' day.

Again, and I can't say it enough - I greatly appreciate your support and stay tuned for more soon. Feel free to hit me up here, or on FB if you have questions and I will reply quickly.

My best,


I sent you three emails about that, and got no response, so I called

oh yeah, that's totally a fair price for 30+ year old footage, let me think and get back with you soon

of course i appreciate the fact that you are taking these photos for Kickstarter, everyone appreciates you ... hey that outfit looks great on you, honey
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