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Originally Posted by wheart View Post
I find Stevie's constant self promotion very unflattering and quite boring.
I think Ken Caillat agrees with you:

Ken Caillat: Nope. I don’t think so. I did a Christine McVie album in 2003, and I suggested that before Fleetwood Mac ever goes on the next tour maybe they should go into the studio and record a few songs from Christine’s 2005 album. It would be really great because it would be the first Fleetwood Mac/Christine songs in a long time, and it would break through to the radio.

Christine loved the idea. But, who knows? I told that to Mick, but he has no power over anybody. If Stevie thinks that Lindsey thought of something first, she’ll say ‘no,’ and vice versa. They could be doing so well, you know? If they had only listened to me, they could be doing so well. They’re just people. They have ups and downs, and quite honestly, they’re all down now. They could make a lot of people happy if they’d just cut the crap and just be human beings, not anything special.

They’re not friggin’ special, and their crap stinks like everybody else’s, goddamit! They need to just get it through their heads. They need to knock it off and just be real. Nobody gets to put anybody down with power trips. There’s kind of a thing now with abuse, you know? People get drunk and start to manipulate you. It’s a form of abuse. Back then, we were all too young to say, “Hey, knock it off, buddy.” I wish them the best, but I don’t think they’re ever going to do it with their own insecurities and whatever else they’ve got going.
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