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Originally Posted by SaidSomething View Post
Hi. My name is Jim. I posted a really long detailed drama about her I knew...blah blah blah...laptops and androids are not happening keyboards for a 6"1" 195lb guy with hands the size of Utah.

Anyway...she smelled like smoke but only a little bit...maybe because I smoke too. In 1989 October backstage at the Greek in LA. I had a friend that knew someone that knew someone...anyway, we spoke for less than a minute and when I reached down to hug her past the hairspray and makeup smells...she smelled like sweet egyptian musk, sandalwood and this might sound weird...she had the faint smell of something flowery that after all these years I can only compare it to lily of the, it was sexy, smoky sensual...and a wiff of girly girl flowery...

I met her again for a little longer at her birthday party during Timespace era...when she was leaving after going to the bathroom with the women...returning to her table to have another smoke and finish her Chivas...she was a bit outside her protective circle...nodding to people that recoginzed her...I said, hi...landslide, timespace, mirrored what are you wearing that's really nice...she said she wasn't sure because she just mixes oils in Neutrogena body she has a million oils and she said she stays true to the musky stuff. I said, I make my oils too...I base lemon, patchouli, musk and that's it in short...

PS I remember in an interview she said she mixes oils in an almond base...that's probably the Neutogena.

Oh I saw her oil thing before her friends whisked her to the 2 white limos was like a little dark potion kind of bottle with the dipper top. I was so not surprised...she's so delicate...even though she had a few...and that was the benzo period whenever she talks to someone...she looks right in your eyes...clear as day and she like touches your cheeks or rubs your gentle but, unique...I haven't met anyone to date that is that intimately friendly...with her touches...and looks and stories...she seems far out then she'll say excuse me and turns to blow her nose...
I hope this helps
Love your stories Jim.

Tell us about the birthday dinner. The singing and the plates.
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