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I've seen many posts in the past where people have remarked after meeting Stevie that she smelled very nice. I've also seen remarks that, believe it or not, she smelled bad but - in my opinion, those are the same people who would cheer a star football player for making an unbelievable last-minute touchdown to win the Superbowl, and then meet him in the locker room right afterward and bitch that he "smelled." Of COURSE he did; he just played in the freaking Superbowl. Same thing with Stevie i.m.o., of course she's gonna need a shower right after dancing her heart out under stage lights in a concert for us.

I have a sneaky feeling this person's big on "Presentation," especially when going out in public.
So if the ghosts are gone then doesn't that mean I'm kinda screwed??
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