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the fact that Pat was not even nominated before this year, plus Azoff's induction this year just shows how last year's Stevie solo induction came about. this is all over articles and social media, even from Stevie fans.
Pat hands down should have been nominated and in before Stevie. And I definitely think there is a correlation between Stevie getting in last year and Azoff's nod this year. Commericialism and "buy your way in", at it's best. I also think it's some headline manipulation at a time when FM and Stevie in particular needed some positive headlines out there.
I am actually not a "stevie hater" even though I am definitely "team Lindsey" in the whole FM debacle over the last few years. With that being said, and I know it's controversial in these parts, I don't think Stevie's solo work is as timeless and enduring as her FM work is. You hear Wild Heart and Belladonna, and imo, it sounds like the 80's, even today. Pat's work has been more enduring. I am not diminishing Stevie's work and contribution to music, and she is deserving of her solo nom, but Pat absolutely should be in there already, and should have gotten in before Stevie.
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