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Originally Posted by aleuzzi View Post
I don't think they care. Only Lindsey showed real concern for the band's posterity and ongoing reputation. The rest of them prefer to rake in cash from the "I'm-a-casual-listener" masses.
I agree, Tony. I have nothing against business and nothing against corporations (I work for one), but this is business, and it's impossible to get really excited about it.

In Mike Campbell's case, I said on this forum a year and a half ago (and I haven't changed my mind at all) that he took this gig solely for the money. It isn't his idea of satisfaction playing the guitar part on Little Lies or Say You Love Me night after night. He has no emotional connection to those songs, or to any of Fleetwood's catalog from the American commercial years. That's not his taste. It wasn't the prospect of playing guitar on two or three Peter Green songs in the set that reeled him in - that's an idiotic notion (proposed by some ledgies). And it wasn't the notion of spending a year and a half with his friend Stevie, either (also proposed by some fans). He's had thirty years to spend a whole year with Stevie on any tour he wanted - she'd have brought him into her world the moment he expressed any interest, and he never did. So that's not his reason, either. He simply isn't emotionally invested in any of this. He's just out there this past year for a big paycheck. I have nothing against paychecks, either. But the lasting, most daring, most energetic, and warmest music generally comes out of people who have an emotional connection to what they're doing - even if it's negative emotions. There seem to be no emotions left anymore in Fleetwood Mac, a band that used to be everyone's definition of heart, soul, love, anger, jealousy, and friendship.
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