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THE NINE WORTHIES: 9 Best Albums of 2019 (so far)

1. California Son (Morrissey)

... the rest of y'all need to step your pu**ies up
THE NINE WORTHIES: 9 Best Singles of 2019 (so far)
1. Borderline (Florrie):

2. Gots to Give the Girl (unperfect) / Gots to Give the Girl [Xenomania Deep House Remix] (unperfect) /

3. Saturday Boy (Saint Etienne): /
You Don't Own Me (B-Side):

4. Ice Cream (Mika):

5. Sound of an Orchestra (Mika):

6. Predators & Monsters (Xenomania Presents Paige Cavell):

7. My Love [F9 Remix - Radio Edit] (Will Young):

8. Fake News (Gurr):

9. Paper Thin (Gang of Four):

Per Gurr:
“Fake News” was a direct response to what was going on (and still is) politically at the time, and the growing gap I feel between people leaning both left and right. I think with press and algorithms, we are only fed the kind of news we already believe in and agree with, which is super dangerous. The song then connects that to an experience I had when we visited the the BBC for an interview with Huw Stephens. We went inside and there was this gigantic newsroom with so many screens but no windows at all. I found that a bit disturbing: Like here’s the people making the news and they can’t look outside.
"They love each other so much, they think they hate each other."

Imagine paying $1000 to hear "Don't Dream It's Over" instead of "Go Your Own Way"

Fleetwood Mac helped me through a time of heartbreak. 12 years later, they broke my heart.
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