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Originally Posted by TheWildHeart67 View Post
Still not untrue........

My roommate died from oxycodone.
So did my brother.
Nobody knew the extent of the abuse until it was too late.
Nobody stood by and let it happen.
You cannot blame people for another person's OD.
It's cruel and each situation is unique as to how it unfolds.
It's ugly, horrible and sad.
Horribly sad.
Oxycodone is one hell of a drug. Prince died of it, too, like countless other people with prescriptions. I don't blame MC for TPs overdose. I blame him for being a bystander in a situation that got worse and worse. He could have staged an intervention, not because of the prescription drugs, but because of the broken hip, the fact that TP was unable to walk, in great pain and obviously irrational about it. I don't think that he (or anyone else) knew exactly what was going on with the painkillers. But still, he saw TP suffering every day and did nothing to put a stop on it.
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