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Originally Posted by bwboy View Post
I believe quite a few of Lindsey’s songs on Tusk were recorded without the rest of the band; hence some of the bad feelings the band members have towards the album.
I agree. In the Tusk documentary I recall seeing him play percussion on "Save Me A Place." That's when he seemed to get (or follow through on) the urge to do as much as possible himself. I think that's what he partly means when he says "left side of the palette."

I never fully bought the notion that Fleetwood Mac refused to let him do weird stuff after Tusk. "Eyes Of The World" has plenty of weird stuff. So do "Family Man" and "Caroline."

What surprised me about learning Lindsey played the drums on "Walk A Thin Line" is that, in a c. 2006 interview, I recall him saying he doesn't play "kit drums." Perhaps he did in the seventies but, by 25-30 years later, he'd lost that skill.

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