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Originally Posted by Ms Moose View Post
This film of Rattlesnake Shake is back on Youtube! It has been missing for a long time. I think it is from Njårdhallen, Oslo the 3rd of November 1969, though, and not from Helsinki.

There used to be a better picture version on Youtube, but never mind! This will blow you away!

Ms Moose
Definitely Njardhallen. Played after Peter did his solo thing on "World Keep On Turning", giving Danny a chance to put a new string on his guitar (broke it whlie playing "Like It This Way". At the beginning of the clip you can see the bandmembers coming back on stage.
BTW you can see Danny looking up at Peter at 1:26 - 1:36. This picture was also used on the DVD "The Early Years" when the narrator introduced Danny.
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