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All he has to do is pay $500 to show up at one of Mick's meet and greets to get facetime with Mick

Seriously though, Mick tried many times through the years to get Peter back into music and things yet it never worked. I am not sure Mick has any answers for his son. I can understand the pain he went through not knowing his dad the way he should have. But it really has nothing to do with Mick. Drugs affect people differently. Most people take ecstasy and have fun while some take it and die. Some can dabble in drugs and never get addicted while others become slaves to the drug.
Bob Welch told a scary story of him meeting Peter Green in Germany during the time Peter changed. He knew something was up because Peter had a piece of grilled cheese in his hair which Bob and anyone else would think was strange. 3 days later Bob ran into Peter again and sure enough the grilled cheese was still baked in his hair.
Peter's son looks so much like his dad. I understand his pain. He is looking for answers but sadly no one has those answers.

Shall I tell you about my life........
Christine on Stevie 1984: "10 years ago she really had her feet on the ground but she seems to have developed her own fantasy world, somehow, which Iím not part of. We donít socialize much."
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