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Originally Posted by bombaysaffires View Post
Or is his snark just for the hardcore fans? He's quite happy to play for the dilettantes who just show up for the hits and couldn't name anyone in the band except maybe Stevie. As long as the checks clear. I think he could care less about some newspaper review as long as they are selling tickets. I think that's true of the rest as well.
It definitely could be. It's the hardcore fans that are irate. He may not pay attention to the reviews, but I would think Azoff does, and I think Stevie does too. Her brand is what enabled them to pull this stunt. Imagine if she walked away now too....FM is tarnishing HER brand Because she would see it that way. I'll give her this, she's much smarter in thinking ahead than Mick is. Mick thinks he can hole up in Hawaii for a few months, let the dust settle and call up ol Lindsey for a gig on his next album, just like nothing ever happened.
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