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Originally Posted by sasja View Post
Keep wondering too. May be the specialist recommended treatment/therapy/surgery and we'll hear after that's been completed. I what i am secretly hoping. And successfully, too. Crossing everyhing for that. I had a dad who had a tracheo-stoma, not what Lindsey has, but, unable to speak the last years of his life. It's torture not to quickly be able to quickly voice your thoughts any more. Or at all. and have to just always write, or type.... I do not wish it even the worst persons in the world.

Get better Lindsey!
Yes, my dad did not speak the last 3.5 months of his life, following his stroke. He didnít even try.

I gave him a pencil and paper to write, and he formed letters but they did not make sense. He either called me the night of or the night before his stroke and I wasnít home. He left a voice message. I erased it thinking that I would talk to him that weekend, I did not know that was the last time I was going to hear his voice. I wish I had saved the message. Well at least Lindsay doesnít have aphasia and if he wants to communicate in writing he can. That is a blessing.
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