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Originally Posted by HomerMcvie View Post
That's priceless.

What's next? Mick will wipe your bum in the restroom of his restaurant, for $50? $100 if you want a pic!

I hope time remembers him for being the IDIOT that he is.

BTW, how much are the key chains? Does he sign it or something?
Ok, he doesn't actually sell key chains himself or key chains, (though they might I don't remember) but there is a bunch if knick knacky merch and you do walk past the store to get into the place. The place is actually nice and has a rooftop bar which is great with a band. Mick was there the night I went, so I've met Mick 3 times, the one member I could care less to meet. I've never bumped into the others living here 20 years in LA.
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