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Originally Posted by trackaghost View Post
Imagine what they could do if they dropped Mick's drum solo in World Turning. Does anyone actually enjoy it? Given Mick's importance in Fleetwood Mac it's funny that, for me, he's the one member of the band I really don't care if he's there or not and that solo is just a huge ego-thing for him because it adds nothing at all to the show other than a bathroom break for the audience.
That drum solo being moved back up into the main set is one of the biggest abominations of this tour. It seemed to be shorter and shorter over the last few tours and with it being in the encore since 03, it was naturally not as good of a time for beer or bathroom breaks. But back to mid set like its 1987? Who thinks this is a good idea?

I said this elsewhere, drop the drum solo and let John play the bass solo in The Chain for five minutes straight and Id find that 1000% preferable.
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