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Originally Posted by David View Post
That didn't happen to Billy or Rick, either. Steve is full of it.
No. Total figment of my overactive imagination. They totally didnít dress up Billy like Lindsey when they did that initial press conference and photoshoot.

And, Iím sure it was purely coincidental that Billy played a white Les Paul Custom. I never said that it didnít end or that Billy came into his own, but he was minor enough that they could do that with him.

Unfortunately for the band's music, nobody played the idiosyncratic (and syncretistic) studio visionary experimenting with instrumentation and vocals and concocting elaborate arrangements (the Brian Wilsonish musical equivalent of "personal filmmaking") to "shake people's preconceptions about pop."
Which is why this version has more potential, at least in the studio, of making a great record.

Every configuration of the band since 1987 has been profoundly unwilling or unable to even partially shake off the Rumours band and its effect on the culture.
Even in their solo/duo sets. That will never change. For any of them. Iím not sure that should be the goal, though.

Sometimes, swapping out a few spices here or there can be enough of a change to warrant that change.
On and on it will always be, the rhythm, rhyme, and harmony.
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