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What I see which I find worthy of ridicule and mockery is those who have an opinion on something that they've never heard or experienced. So many people don't know anything about someone's solo career or about the Say You Will album or the EP, yet they never hesitate to tell you how awful it is. Or they say they listen to something for 15 seconds and concluded it was bad. If attention deficit is so egregious that you can't listen to something, then have the courtesy not to talk about it. Just recuse yourself from that particular conversation. And the fact that you hated something someone has done in the past is no excuse to conclude that *everything* they do is trash. People change, talent changes.

Just like I don't want casual fans to judge all of Fleetwood Mac by One album, be in a good or a bad one, I don't express opinions about individual artists based on what I haven't seen or heard, as opposed to what I have.

Once you tell me that something is awful but you've never heard it, then I lose complete interest in anything you have to say. Michele
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