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Originally Posted by Macfanforever View Post
Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPA) Maybe they sh0uld update their name.Its outdated with the word Phonographic.LOL..............

The release days here are Tuesdays .Don't ask me why they pick Tuesdays for.

I can see where Neil Young is coming from.

They should of recorded the music the old way to make vinyl sound better.

Its like the movie industry putting movies on VHS and Betamax with digitally produced movies.
In my opinion "phonographic" has a certain vintage charm and highlights the origin of the industry, instead of the present that it's very short-lived in the music field.
In Italy release days are Tuesday too!
By the way I'm glad that music industry is trying to fight for album sales in a positive and proactive way instead of hitting out at piracy sites (how do you call them?)
Vinyls of new albums always sounded fishy to me, now Neil Young gave me proof.

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