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Originally Posted by SteveMacD View Post
Richard Dashut

Sep 15

I must admit since I started my Twitter account & Lindsey’s active participation in social media I have not heard back from him. Perhaps he is upset with me for talking after all these years. I’ve tried 2 b fair & respectful but I fear I’ve lost an old friend. I apologize to all.
thanks for sharing that. I've been away from Twitter for awhile. Makes life easier sometimes.

Does seem a bit...needy I suppose. I mean, they haven't been in regular chatfests even before Lindsey got on social media from all indications. And Lindsey's clearly doing this for purposes of marketing his anthology/tour. I don't think he'd be on otherwise, so he's kinda stayed mostly on topics related to particular songs, or tour set lists, or how he played on a certain song, etc.
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