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Originally Posted by dontlookdown View Post

I still remember listening to Tusk on vinyl the day it was released and being pretty stunned.
Honey Hi -- amazing harmonies. Beautiful Child too.
I loved Rumours, obviously, but Tusk got under my skin in a way that I wasn't prepared for.
It's the reason I've remained and am still a Fleetwood Mac fan.
Man I wish I could say the same. I had the OPPOSITE experience when I first listened to Tusk. As with Rock a Little I had a stunned reaction for a completely different reason. Gradually I warmed up to Stevie's songs, then Christine's. After buying the vinyl and forcing myself to listen to Lindsey's I started to really appreciate how bizarre they were.

Now I think Tusk ranks as one of their best albums for the exact reasons that I initially hated it. As you said, and while I'm not a fan of it, Honey Hi's instrumentation and harmonies make it so much more effective than an equally fluffy song like Everywhere.

(Still warming to Rock a Little though... ever so slowly...)
"I am just one small part of forever" -Think About It (The song that got me into Stevie Nicks)

"The face of a pretty girl x1,000,000" -Isn't It Midnight (The song that got me into Christine McVie)

"The sun is bright, but not too bright to see. When the darkness comes you've got to fly into the light." -Doing What I Can (The song that got me into Lindsey Buckingham)

"I can still hear you saying you would never break the chain" -The Chain (The song that got me into Fleetwood Mac)

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